Saturday, July 18, 2015


Good morning,

This will be a departure from my usual posts...fair warning!  This morning, I've been studying and praying about something, and I'd like to ask you to pray with me.  I've been given the opportunity and received God's calling to travel to Peru in September to minister to the people of the Cusco area through a wonderful ministry called Zona Zegura.  What I'm struggling with at the moment is hearing from God about what to teach.  Please pray with me about this trip and about what God would have me to share.  There is a lot I must do to get ready.  I'd appreciate your prayers for that as well.

This morning I've been studying the chronology of the apostle Paul's ministry, via a website I'll link below.1  It has been fascinating to see how he traveled from place to place over the approximately 30 years of his earthly ministry, and which epistles he wrote when.  The person chronicling Paul's travels used the historical references in Paul's letters, as well as Luke's references in the book of Acts, to establish the timeline. The chronicler, Matthew McGee, admits that there are periods where it is impossible to determine exactly where Paul went.  Warren Wiersbe wisely points out that even the best Bible scholars disagree as to every detail of the chronology of Paul's ministry.2  When we look at the New Testament, of which Paul wrote most, we don't see this chronology readily apparent.  It is like trying to put together the pieces of a 500-piece puzzle!

Aside from what gets taught in Peru, I'm thinking of delving next into Paul's epistles in chronological order, in my own personal study which, as you so well know, gets reflected on in this blog.  A few weeks ago, we went through 1 Thessalonians together.  It was Paul's first letter.  Next would be 2 Thessalonians, then.  (Do you know which letter Paul wrote last?  2 Timothy.)

So, we'll begin in the next post with 2 Thessalonians 1.

Father, here you have given us a new day.  Please have your hands on us, Your children, and use us mightily for the advancement of Your kingdom.  In Jesus' name, amen.



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