Thursday, July 9, 2015

In the Sugar Bowl

Good morning,

I was shopping in Kroger yesterday and right in the middle of the sugar aisle started to tear up. Looking around at all that sugar the thought that popped into my mind was "filling up the sugar bowl".  Now, admittedly, at first I thought that, literally, my sugar canister at home is getting low - - - the one beside the kitchen sink.  But then, I thought about the things I blog about on a regular basis.

It probably seems to readers that "the sugar bowl is getting low", from time to time.

This is because when I read the Word in the mornings and apply it to my life, I often focus on what is most needed in my spirit at the time.  And, often that is what the old-timers used to call "exhortation". A synonym is "persuade".  Therefore, I tend to do a lot of exhorting or persuading in my blogging.

From time to time, though, I just need to go to the sugar bowl, and I imagine you do too.  So, here's one for our meditation this morning from Psalm 91:1-2 and 14-16 - - -

The one who lives under the protection of the Most High
Dwells in the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say to the Lord, "my refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust."
Because He is lovingly devoted to Me,
I will deliver him;
I will protect him because he knows My name.
When he calls out to me, I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble.
I will rescue him and give him honor.
I will satisfy him with a long life
and show him My salvation.

Great and beautiful are the promises of God!  They are sweet on the tongue, honey to the soul!

Dear Lord God, show me Your salvation!  I know that, no matter where I go, no matter what circumstances come my way, I am held in Your righteous, omnipotent hand.  I am confident that You love me and are devoted to me, that even when trouble comes, You are right there with me always.  I am satisfied in You, Lord God.  I will trust You, forever and ever.  In Jesus' name, amen.

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