Saturday, July 4, 2020

Seeing Beauty - - Parenthetical, Travel Log

Snake River, where it enters Lake Jenny
“... let me see your face, let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely.”  

Song of Songs 2:14b

Today, I took a memorable photo.  No, not the one above, though it ain’t shabby.

Cousin Carole and I are currently vacationing in parts of our great country I’d never seen.  On our way from Thermpolis, WY to Jackson Hole, we diverted through Grand Tetons National Park.  Today is July 4th.  Understandably, people were wall-to-wall.  We pulled into the visitors’ center at Lake Jenny, because Carole had seen it back in 1994 and wanted me to see its beauty.  However, she was unable to remember how to get to the view she remembered.

There were NO parking spots at the Visitors’ Center.  I mean, NONE.  People were even parked along the main road for quite a distance.  We decided to let Carole out, while I “circled” (like a buzzard,lol!) as best I could.  Almost as soon as she got out, though, a space opened up right there at the center.  Hallelujah!  Because I am pretty sure only God could do that miracle.
We were directed by other tourists to a trail, leading down to the lake.

Carole has quite a good memory.  What she remembered most about her trip many years ago was how the Grand Tetons were so perfectly reflected in the waters of the lake.  Carole is also quite verbal.  Accordingly, as we came to an observation point, she was bemoaning the fact that the mountains were not mirrored in the water.  With my Lake Jenny virgin eyes, however, I saw a stunning view.  Whipping out my phone, I grabbed a shot.  We walked on down to the boat ramp and then headed back.  (Carole is not much for long hikes.)

When we reached our destination this evening, we began to look at the pictures captured today.  Carole was gobsmacked by the shot I got at the lake.  Why?  Because she was looking for something else, and she had not even recognized the beauty right in front of her at the time.

I have done that too, haven’t you?  Failed to see a gift of God because of looking for something else?
Under-appreciating what I have been given because I was looking for something “more”?  Today was a powerful reminder to me of God’s love and generosity, and of my oft-times blindness and bullheadedness!  (Those who know me can’t imagine...haha)

I have another wonderful friend, Lynn, who is married to Raymond, an octogenarian. They have been very respectful of covid-19, and have been quarantining to a high degree.  She sent me 3 videos today about how she set a lovely table in the backyard, grilled a delicious dinner and celebrated this Independence Day with her husband.  Today, she chose to focus on beauty and on joy, to see beauty, despite less-than-ideal circumstances.  What a gift!

By contrast, the town of Jackson Hole has lost its mind over covid. As of yesterday’s order from the city council, masks are required in every building of any type.  What a juxtaposition against the Independence Day so many Americans are celebrating today.  So many are giving in to extreme fear, and missing the joy of every day living.

On this trip I have very much valued my morning quiet times.  Currently, I am reading in Hosea, even though our bible study group just studied that minor prophet.  In so doing, I am finding gems each day, despite having just studied it.  God has such beauty for us to find, in scripture, and in our lives as a whole, if we will just look for it!  Beauty in nature and in scripture - - both by the Creator, to draw us closer and closer to Him.


  1. Well said ma'am. We so often focus on what we want and not what God wants to show us; resulting in missing out on so many blessings. As for all the mask mandates, I agree. I respect others' choice to protect themselves as much as they think they need. That doesn't mean they have the right to take away my liberties and freedom of choice. #FaithGreaterThanFear

    1. While it is tempting to scorn those with “masking habits” different from mine, that does nothing to improve the situation. The info about the effectiveness of mask-wearing is “all over the place”. So, it is hard to know which “expert” to believe. I am looking forward to days when this won’t be such an issue. My cousin and I are traveling together and caught ourselves referring to B.C. (Before Covid) and A.C. (After Covid). It has become a strange time demarcation...