Monday, February 27, 2017

Minnow Ministry?

When Isaac planted in that land, he reaped in the same year a hundred times what he had sown,
because the Lord blessed him.
Genesis 26:12 (NET)

The context of this verse is a foreign, unfamiliar land, filled with a mostly hostile people.  Because of a famine in his homeland, Isaac was told by God to go live in the country of the Philistines for a while.  Not the most comfortable of surroundings.  Still, Isaac obediently went where God sent him. Following that, he planted where God placed him.  And, then God did what only God can do.  In fact, the Philistines were so amazed at God's blessing on Isaac that they eventually threw him out of the country.  He had gotten too successful for his own good, lol!  What a testimony to Isaac's God!

It surely does feel good to be back in my office chair with this familiar Blogger blank screen in front of my eyes and the Bible at my side.  I do apologize for my 10-day hiatus, something I've not done since beginning Resplendent Daughter in mid-2014.

If you recall from the last post, on 2/16, a surprise was promised.  Well, here it is.

This is the new logo for RDM, and I've trademarked the name (a complicated legal procedure).  That seems like some to be a bold, even foolish move.  It is akin to a minnow applying for the position of the mind of some. And, make no mistake, by "industry standards", this is a "minnow ministry".

Yesterday at church, I heard some men talking about a woman in her mid-eighties who had visited both of the poles (North and South), with her last visit having been recently.  They were incredulous she'd attempt something of that magnitude at her age.  I wisely held my tongue.  But, privately, I thought, "How wonderful! She and I are kindred spirits."  Both of us want to skid into the end of life on two wheels, all disheveled and exhilarated exclaiming, "Wow, what a ride!"

It is a fact that those who never attempt great things for God certainly never receive them.  In the Scripture verse for today Isaac most certainly would never have gathered in a harvest of 100 times what he planted....had he never planted at all.  I don't know where God wants to take this ministry He has given me, but I for sure do not want to stand in the way of anything He wants to do.  Even more than that, I want to be ready in anticipation of Him doing extraordinary things.  Then, if He chooses to bless this minnow ministry "a hundredfold", so be it.  If not, so be it.

Tomorrow, I'm headed out-of-state for a religious broadcaster's conference.  Your prayers over this trip would mean so much!  Please pray for good health, safe travel, for spiritual discernment and for the connections God wants to be made at that event.   Thanks, and I'll see you in the next post!

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