Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas Means

Each year, my very sweet and generous cousin, Jon, and his wife, Diana, grace my family with a Christmas gift, usually an edible one.  They live in Lexington, Kentucky; so, the gift arrives in the mail a few days before Christmas.  Today was that day.  Often, theirs is our first gift of Christmas. 

Eagerly, I opened the package, grateful not only for the delicious chocolates revealed therein, but more for my cousin.  This year, there was a note included.  It was so beautiful and touching, I decided to share it with you.

Christmas Means

Christmas means we are not an accident
                                                                          or temporary.

Christmas means purpose
                                                        and eternity.

Christmas means Creator God took the initiative to reconcile willful man
                                                                        to Himself.

Christmas means God works the miraculous through the unexpected
                                                                                   for the undeserving.

Christmas means His suffering was more
                                 than we could endure or repay.

Christmas means the purpose of life is preparation
                                                    for eternity with God.

Christmas means the Light of the world 
                                      that centuries of evil still cannot extinguish.

Christmas means Jesus in the Christ
                                                     the truth,
                                                             the way,
                                                                   and the life.

Christmas means ministry to others in His name, 
                                           all year long.

May our inadequate expressions of love and gratitude
                           remind us of the overwhelming magnificence 
                                       of all that Christmas means.

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